The ANAGRAM publishing house has existed for over 29 years on the publishing market - taking into account tradition, focusing on creators and exceptional works. Not only the creators are important to us, but above all the reader! We create books with passion, attention to detail, following the stream of expectations of the recipient of our content and their constantly changing reading tastes. Recently, we have also been opening ourselves to suggestions of good prose, which carries a deep message, encourages reflection and builds a bond with the reader.

 If you want to send us your publishing suggestions, please send us a message using the Contact Form or e-mail:, in the title of the message please write: Publishing proposal.

  What is our story?

  ANAGRAM was founded in 1991 with poetry lovers in mind. The series of our miniatures include both the works of the greatest poets of the world, whose poems played a huge role in shaping the cultures of various nations, as well as the poetry of somewhat forgotten artists - poetry, however, still alive and important, such as lyrics from the circle of the Poetic Orientation of the Hybrid (Sadowska , Mętrak, Jerzyna...).

 In the ANAGRAM publishing series appear all the most important songs that have influenced and still affect reading sensitivity, which have touched and moved the imagination. We recall the poetry of Jan Kochanowski, Cyprian Kamil Norwid, Leopold Staff, Bolesław Leśmian, Karol Wojtyła, Jan Twardowski, Maria Jasnorzewska-Pawlikowska, French poetry, Russian German and other equally beautiful works.

Reaching for poetry, published in the series of miniatures of the ANAGRAM Publishing House, you will feel the depth of your soul...

This is the power of poetry!



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